O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) Dominican Prayer

The O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) prayer was composed as an antiphon for the Feast of Corpus Christi by St. Thomas Aquinas. It is also traditionally prayed by Dominicans preceding the hours of the Divine Office, especially if prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, and in other community gatherings. ENGLISH O sacred banquet, in which Christ isContinue reading “O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) Dominican Prayer”

St. Thomas Aquinas & Psalm 104:13

From the Lives of the Brethren: The Chancellor of the University in Paris, having decreed [February 1256] that this same Brother Thomas should maintain his thesis publicly next day for the doctorate, that same night this brother beheld a figure come and stand before him with an open book in which were written the words: “ThouContinue reading “St. Thomas Aquinas & Psalm 104:13”