Dominican Saints & Blesseds

The Catholic Church officially proclaims individual believers as “saints” or “blesseds” for their lives of exceptional commitment to God and love of neighbor, but the word “saint” is actually much broader in meaning. “Sanctity” means holiness, and the Church asserts that all men, women, and children are holy for they bear the image of God.Continue reading “Dominican Saints & Blesseds”

The Life of St. Dominic By Date

TIMELINE OF THE LIFE OF ST. DOMINIC Helpful info from the St. Joseph Province. Each date clicks to a short explanation. 1170 Dominic de Guzman is born in Calarogo, now Caleruega, Spain. 1184 Dominic attends the university in Palencia. 1190 Dominic is appointed to the canonry at Osma. 1203 Dominic accompanies his holy bishop toContinue reading “The Life of St. Dominic By Date”

O Lumen Prayer to St. Dominic

O Light of the Church, Doctor of Truth, Rose of Patience, Ivory of Chastity, you freely poured forth the waters of wisdom; preacher of grace, unite us with the blessed. (During Easter time: Alleluia!) V. Blessed Father, Dominic, pray for us (During Easter time: Alleluia!) R. That we may be made worthy of the promisesContinue reading “O Lumen Prayer to St. Dominic”

O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) Dominican Prayer

The O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) prayer was composed as an antiphon for the Feast of Corpus Christi by St. Thomas Aquinas. It is also traditionally prayed by Dominicans preceding the hours of the Divine Office, especially if prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, and in other community gatherings. ENGLISH O sacred banquet, in which Christ isContinue reading “O Sacred Banquet (O Sacrum Convivium) Dominican Prayer”

St. Thomas Aquinas & Psalm 104:13

From the Lives of the Brethren: The Chancellor of the University in Paris, having decreed [February 1256] that this same Brother Thomas should maintain his thesis publicly next day for the doctorate, that same night this brother beheld a figure come and stand before him with an open book in which were written the words: “ThouContinue reading “St. Thomas Aquinas & Psalm 104:13”

Dominican Spirituality

What distinguishes the Dominicans from other Roman Catholic religious communities? Four specific aspects set us apart, called the Four Dominican Pillars: Prayer, Study, Community, Apostolate. Prayer: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Office, the Holy Rosary, private prayer (vocal prayer, mental prayer, and contemplation). Dominicans center our lives on Jesus Christ, the true light,Continue reading “Dominican Spirituality”

Our Rule of Life

The Dominican Laity originated in its present form with the promulgation of the first Rule under Munio de Zamora, Master of the Order in 1285. The spiritual origin of the Laity resided within the penitential movements associated with Saint Dominic, who gathered around himself groups of Laity for apostolic work and spiritual and material defense of the Church.Continue reading “Our Rule of Life”

The Madonna of San Sisto

This article on the Miraculous Image of the Madonna of San Sisto was originally published by the Dominican Nuns of Mt. Thabor.   The Miraculous Image of the Madonna of San Sisto Before the masterful frescoes of Blessed Fra Angelico graced the cloister of San Marco, the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) possessed an artistic work of great character andContinue reading “The Madonna of San Sisto”

New Novices and Temporary & Final Promises for the Charlotte Lay Dominicans

On Saturday, September 27th the Charlotte Lay Dominicans – Our Lady of Perpetual Help Group – welcomed 4 members into the novitiate at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. At this special ceremony one member made Temporary Promises, and another their Final Promises. This was a very special time for our group as it was the firstContinue reading “New Novices and Temporary & Final Promises for the Charlotte Lay Dominicans”