The Life of St. Dominic By Date


Helpful info from the St. Joseph Province. Each date clicks to a short explanation.

1170 Dominic de Guzman is born in Calarogo, now Caleruega, Spain.

1184 Dominic attends the university in Palencia.

1190 Dominic is appointed to the canonry at Osma.

1203 Dominic accompanies his holy bishop to the Marches of France.

1206 On the feast of Saint Mary Magdalen, Saint Dominic has a vision.

1207 Bishop Diego dies and Saint Dominic takes charge of the small band of preachers.

1208 Servants of an Albigensian count murder a papal legate, giving the heresy more political significance.

1211 Saint Dominic prayers save drowning pilgrimages.

1215 Dominic goes to the Lateran Council.

1216 Pope Honorius III succeeds Innocent III. Dominic set out for Rome to complete the foundation.

1217 The Founder is allowed to return to Toulouse in May of 1217.

1218 By January 1218, Dominic had walked back to Rome.

1219 Dominic then travels through France to his Spanish homeland, and then as far as Paris by June of 1219.

1220 The first General Chapter of the Order is held in Bologna around Pentecost, 1220.

1221 Death of St. Dominic – Friday, August 6, 1221, about 6 o’clock in the evening.

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